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Helping you to unlock your blocks and create movement towards a more fulfilling life!


Are you feeling pulled in different directions in work, relationships or family?


Wishing to have more time to do the things you love but don’t know where to start?

Home Maria Di Michele Life Coach
Home Maria Di Michele Life Coach
Home Maria Di Michele Life Coach


Are you feeling stuck and frustrated at not being able to do the things you would like to do?


Do you feel torn inside between the needs of your relationships, work or family and not having enough time.


Maybe you feel like you give, give, give to the point that you are so exhausted – you have no energy left.


These feelings of frustration and exhaustion can lead to arguments or conflict  – leaving you feeling drained and unmotivated – you’re not feeling completely fulfilled in your life.


I will show you how to create time for yourself so you can:


  • get off the merry-go-round of life and take a good look at what is working for you and what is not
  • discover the things that bring you joy and create the time to do more of it without feeling guilty
  • create better relationships at home and work – so you can spend time doing what you enjoy
  • develop consistency and commitment to yourself and your dreams – this will boost your energy levels and confidence in yourself
  • learn and have access to useful skills to navigate through challenging times with less stress and more ease


The best conversations are usually with a genuine friend – sharing in a relaxed way, and that’s how I like to work with you, in person or via the internet.

I help you to get really clear on what it is you don’t want in your life and what it is you really do want.


I work towards aligning you to your true souls beliefs with the aid of essential oils and crystals to assist you in remembering what brings you peace and joy into your life. You see the oils and crystals that come from nature create a smell and vibration enhancing you to go deeper into your beliefs supporting the process of your becoming. If we work together via the internet I am still able to do this through colours and the words you use and will ask you to support yourself by obtaining the relevant crystals and oils. We have everything we need from nature and accessing the power of our minds to heal ourselves in moving forward to a more joyful life.


Once you are clear, we go on a journey of understanding the beliefs you may have that are no longer serving you. Don’t worry we all have them and I will show you how you can change them to more empowering beliefs that really work for you. Together we create change and you can step into the possibilities waiting for you.


As you are in this transitional process, you will become more aware of your potential and the next steps to take and how to get there. This will increase your self-esteem and self worth. Trust me I remember how excited I started to feel! You’ll start to feel more aligned with your new beliefs and values whilst taking care of your needs. All aspects of your life including YOU will become more balanced and fulfilling.


When you work with me you’ll gain access to useful skills that help you navigate through challenging times with less stress and more ease. Imagine asking a chef to make a beautiful meal with no utensils! Your growing toolbox is essential! I will show you how to reduce your stress, see situations from another perspective, how to feel better in challenging moments and keep your focus on the things most important to you.


I am a Life Coach and my gift is to help you transition from dreaming to doing whilst maintaining balance in your family and work life.


I have always worked in service, in many varied roles, from PR, hospitality, diet consultancy through to caring for nursery children, elderly and mentally disadvantaged. I love helping people, it’s my highest joy. As an intuitive empath my natural focus has always been to connect with people and to understand what it is they need and deliver it.


Unfortunately all that giving took me right off balance and I was constantly overwhelmed with family and work demands. I felt I never had the time to focus on what it was I needed. I had forgotten about myself. Eventually the abusive relationship that I had with myself showed up through severe depression, eating disorders, alcohol dependency and unhealthy relationships with others. So I had to go on a journey to find some answers – what did I really believe and value and why did I continually do things that did not serve me. I was done with the unfulfilling “ground hog day” that I felt was my life.


I am a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Quantum Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner and work with crystals, essential oils and the Tarot. This is my gift, being of service to help people transition to a more fulfilling life with a varied toolbox to help them on their way. I know this toolbox works – as it has set me on a path to deep joy and fulfilment. I love my life now and am excited everyday at how I keep growing.


To keep myself balanced I meditate every day, do breathwork, walk in nature daily and regularly participate in yoga. I am constantly learning about the planet and the part we play in healing it. I also cherish the moments I have with my family and friends round the table.


I believe happy parents doing what they love are leading by example to teach their children to follow their joy.


My name is Maria and I’ll show you how to create time and space to look after yourself as well as explore what it is you really want.

I know you have dreams inside – ideas of things you’d like to do and be, aside from your various roles.  Even if you’re feeling doubtful, I’ll show you how to step out into what it is you really want to do.


Sessions usually take place one to one via Skype or in person in my home. They can be anything from 1 to 1.5 hours.


– Free 30 minute initial consultation

– Life Coaching Session £60 per session 

– Life Coaching Package £300 six sessions ( this creates real change)

– Tarot Reading £50

Home Maria Di Michele Life Coach


Home Maria Di Michele Life Coach


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